Escape from successive crises Facebook to Meta

Metaverse or virtual utopia is something that is heard a lot in Silicon Valley these days, but Zuckerberg himself is one of those people who has talked about it before. The purpose of the name change is to represent a focus on building a virtual utopia, or metaverse. Defines greater inclusion and different product range.

Facebook has other goals in mind for this change of brand, including somehow coming out from under the pressure of public opinion and regulatory bodies. In recent weeks, the revelation of a former Facebook employee has caused a lot of trouble for Zuckerberg, and even recently a prosecutor in Washington has accused Zuckerberg of being aware of the information sale scandal during the US presidential election.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, announced during a discussion about the company’s approaches that the name would be changed to “Meta”.
The CEO of Facebook said that the name change will be in line with the company’s vision based on virtual reality in the future. Critics of Facebook, meanwhile, say the name change is just an attempt to divert public attention from “Facebook documents.”
“Facebook documents” are documents that were first disclosed by Francis Hagen, a whistleblower, and former Facebook employee. These documents show that Facebook ignored internal warnings about the negative and often harmful consequences of its algorithm.

He added that the future of his company is called “Metaverse” and that is why the name of this company will be changed to “Meta”. According to him, “Metaverse” will be a three-dimensional space and a “virtual environment” that users will enter instead of looking at it on computer screens.

New technology analyst Victoria Petrok believes that Facebook’s future vision based on virtual reality will include other aspects of online life, including shopping and social media.
Mark Zuckerberg has said he expects the number of Metaverse users to reach one billion by the next decade. The founder of Facebook believes that just as smartphones replaced fixed computers, “Metaverse” will be the future of human communication.

Facebook is facing a series of public relations crises; Documents released this month exposed the company’s internal performance, with Francis Hagen, the whistleblower, saying that Facebook preferred its interests to prevent the spread of hatred and the dissemination of false information.

Mark Zuckerberg describes the world as a virtual environment where users can one day meet friends and do their work, shop, travel, browse concerts and create artwork. Emerging technology analyst Victoria Petrak called Facebook’s views the creation of an integrated and ridiculous world. Facebook is set to hire tens of thousands of developers in EU member states to launch meta-tens. Zuckerberg claims that Metaverse will have one billion users over the next decade, creating support for millions of programmers and developers. Zuckerberg is not the only one thinking of creating such a world, and Microsoft and Nvidia, the maker of the chip, have similar plans.

Facebook employees use the term brand tax to refer to the social network’s infamous impact on subcategories such as Instagram and WhatsApp.
In their internal correspondence and interactions, Facebook employees say that Facebook is trying to eliminate what is described as a tax on the brand by changing its name to Meta. What they mean is that Facebook’s notoriety and notoriety have also negatively affected the credibility and popularity of Instagram and WhatsApp, which were acquired by Facebook.
There have been widespread revelations against Facebook in recent weeks, showing that the company promotes hatred, promotes polarization of society and attacks on American democracy and that its content creates negative emotions among teens and young adults.
The use of the term brand tax by Facebook employees dates back to 2016 and the time of the presidential election, which led to the election of Donald Trump. At the time, Facebook was a hotbed of hate speech and one of the reasons for Hillary Clinton’s defeat to Trump.
At the time, efforts were made to keep Instagram Facebook, and WhatsApp messengers out of this negative space so that their performance would not be affected by the negative atmosphere against Facebook. But this separation became very difficult in 2019. Because Facebook used its title on the login and start page of WhatsApp, Instagram, and messaging. At the same time, Facebook began planning to redesign its business title and eventually changed its name to Meta.

Facebook currently has more than 10,000 employees working on a variety of products, including virtual reality glasses. Mark Zuckerberg believes that in the future, virtual reality glasses will take the place of smartphones today. He said in an interview that in the next few years, the company will move entirely from a social network to a Metaverse company.