Metaverse; The digital gateway to the future

One of the hot topics in 2021 is the development of Metavars. This technology will cover all aspects of the real world and, like social networks, will revolutionize human daily life and business.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, changed his name to Meta to reflect the company’s position on Metavars technology, which many see as the future of the Internet. This simple news suddenly increased the search for the word metaverse and its nature. Of course, the idea of ​​Metavars is not new, but it has not been widely discussed so far.

The name is a combination of the two words meta (meaning vera and beyond) and versus (abbreviation for the world). In fact, the concept of Metavars is related to a ruined urban novel in the 1990s in which people escape from the real collapsing world to a virtual world.

Metaverse is commonly used to describe the concept of the future of the Internet, consisting of stable, shared, and three-dimensional virtual spaces related to a perceived virtual world.

At present, to use the Internet, one must enter its environment, but with the development of communication, new devices, and technologies, human beings can experience the Internet in all their surroundings.

Space Internet, the pinnacle of today’s technology

But what happens when the world integrates with a billboard or robots with the power of reason and virtual assistants to communicate with customers?

Metaverse is now a shared virtual environment between people who have digital avatars. This virtual world evolves and grows based on the decisions and actions of the societies in it. Gradually, people can enter their metatarsus to communicate with parts of the physical space around them with the help of virtual reality and augmented reality.

Combining the physical world in the virtual

Until now, augmented reality has been the simplest way to transfer a human to a metatarsal state. We will continue to see various attempts to include augmented reality in headsets. When we get used to putting mobile phones in a headset in front of our faces, the story begins anew.

There will be different layers of reality that can all be experienced. We do the same thing now with our mobile phones. This process now takes place passively in a physical environment while we are mentally in the digital world.

Our cyberspace experience will be beyond our mobile phones and our body will be fully involved in this experience. That’s why Metaverse will be attractive. In fact, man will live in an alternative world.

This space will have old parts that look like today’s web but need new nodes and capabilities that connect cyberspace immersion to the real world.

Reality will exist in a wide range from physical to virtual, but most of our time is spent somewhere between these two boundaries in the form of augmented reality. Augmented reality becomes a normal part of human life. Virtual companions display information, comments, updates, and advice on topics related to the individual, such as the individual’s assets and activities, both in the real world and in the virtual world.

Metaverse achievement for different brands and industries

In the meantime, marketing and communication professionals should pay attention to Metavars because this technology is the future of online actions and reactions. Just as social media has transformed the online marketing landscape, so has Metavars. Although we do not currently have a common metatarsal, different companies are developing it.

On the other hand, the coronavirus epidemic has changed the online culture. As online social cycles become the norm, different companies will certainly play an important role in Metavars.

In the economic sector, companies need to shift their strategies from buying online advertising to the virtual and shared economy. Companies need to do new market research on their customers in Metavars. The way people react and their preferences in Metavars is probably very different from their behavior and purchases in real life. In addition, the business layer to the robot to the customer must also be considered. In this regard, virtual assistants and robots communicate with the customer and all this will become the norm.

In the transcendental world, people do not roam alone. They interact with holograms and other people and become friends that influence dignity decisions. That’s why companies need to pay attention to how relationships are built.

Metaverse and Privacy Challenge

In addition, the dangers of this new technology should not be overlooked. Nick Clegg, Meta (Facebook) Senior Vice President for Communications and Global Affairs (Facebook), expressed concern about the security of the Metaverse virtual network, adding that he was trying to find ways to protect its users.

Clegg claims that Metaverse takes at least 15 years to mature and that Meta should be able to provide security and privacy for its users. He announced cooperation with academics, lawyers, regulators, etc. to protect users when using this modern technology.

Clegg also believes that Metaverse is an interactive ecosystem and that the content produced by Meta should be consistent with the content of other companies being produced for this virtual world. According to him, setting protocols and standards for this cooperation will be “one of the most difficult and important tasks necessary for policy-making.”