How to get more comments

If like us, you are not addicted to the Instagram app, you are probably someone who visits this app once every few days. If you open the Instagram app after a few days, you will notice that some of the photos at the top of the page were shared a few minutes ago. While the rest of the photos at the top of the page belong to the last few days.
Here you may be wondering why the photos posted 2 days ago were not sorted in chronological order and were placed at the beginning of the news feed? Well, in response, you should know that Instagram, like any other social network, has recently changed its algorithms and uses another method to display the order of posts.

The new method is that for each user, posts are placed at the top of the news feed that is shared by people who are important to him.

This has made it difficult for social media marketers because 70% of the news feed content is ignored by users, and users usually ignore the rest of the news feed posts after viewing the first few posts. This is where the phrase “engagement” comes into play.

Instagram ranks posts and prioritizes them according to their rankings. The number of likes and comments is one of the most important factors that affect the ranking of a post. In general, 3 factors are considered in ranking posts by an Instagram algorithm:

  • Number of likes and comments on an Instagram post
  • User interactions with your previous posts
  • Post sharing time

If your posts are usually noticed by followers, you will surely get a good result from your activity on Instagram. The more people like or comment on your posts, the more likely they are to appear in the Explore tab. This way, people who have not followed your page can also see your popular photos.

Remember, if you want your posts to get more attention from others, you need to make your page public so that users can see your photos by logging in to your profile.

Allow Instagram to send notifications as soon as you like photos or comments. In such cases, you can quickly read, like, or reply to other people’s comments.

Try to share quality and valuable posts on Instagram because no one likes to comment on boring photos.

Try setting a specific time to share your posts. Also, we suggest that you do not publish more than one or two posts a day.

Ways to increase Instagram comments:

  1. Hold a contest
  2. Ask users to leave a comment
  3. Share a funny or shocking post
  4. Share the video
  5. Use related hashtags
  6. Post at the right time

Likes, comments, and the number of views of videos on Instagram are very valuable because they are important factors of the Instagram algorithm and determine the location of your post in the news feed. The more likes and comments your Instagram has, the more likely you are to see your posts in Instagram Explore. It becomes.
So, if you want to have a successful brand on social media, try to find the right time to share posts, use relevant hashtags, and by holding a contest, encouraging followers to comment, and other tips in this article We did, increase their involvement with your posts.