The impact of music on marketing; Can it be used as an effective tool ?!

What is the impact of music on marketing? Have you ever thought deeply about this issue?

As the quality of advertising grows, marketers are increasingly focused on stimulating consumer sentiment. Recent advances in digital technology allow marketers and retailers to easily select and play music in a variety of retail spaces. Background music is played in clothing stores, shopping malls, grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and elevators.

Consumers make many important decisions when listening to music.

There are factors that play an important role in playing background music and forming a sense of pleasure. One of these powerful factors in influencing the minds of consumers is their purchasing attitude; Consumers’ minds can be influenced in two ways:
1- Focus on consumers’ shopping experience
2- Influence on their emotions

We’ve all come across various TV commercials or Internet multimedia commercials, and this has become even more apparent to us when we are switching TV channels or surfing YouTube. But what makes music effective in marketing a product or a business as a whole?

How about you say, let’s turn on the TV to watch the commercials? Sounds ridiculous? No? Unless you want to monitor business ads and get them a new model. So it is safe to say that TV audiences only tolerate TV commercials until it is over.

We live in a world of words to convey meaning, our rules written with words. Marketing programs are written with words and our memories are written with words! The same is true in the online world. Emails and even texts within the site guide their words.
But we do not think in words at all! Rather, we think in the space of sounds, there are no words in our imagination and only sounds are present in our minds. Ever wonder how children learn to communicate? No use of words. Words begin to communicate when going to school, but children use sounds to communicate before that.

This is why music has tremendous power and emotions create bonds of memories in the brain. Music is a sound that is arranged and shaped and uses techniques such as harmony, melody, and repetition, and rhythm to create a pleasant feeling in the listener.
Unlike words on a page, music is not chained in one place, it will not freeze in time. Music is always on the move. Sometimes it moves fast and sometimes it is slow and slow, but it is always moving.

To give a successful example, Hill Top music has been able to play a valuable role behind the scenes of all Coca-Cola radio and television commercials. Only the text and image of the hilltop changed for various ads, and the music remained the same as the identifying factor that the brand being promoted, Coca-Cola.

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