What are the important points in Instagram ads?

Well, let’s say you work on your page and publish 20-30 good and useful posts. When you want to start advertising on Instagram, you need to know where to publish the ad, how to fix it to get more feedback. What you do at this stage determines the success or failure of an ad.

Specify the purpose of the ad

Before you advertise on Instagram, you need to determine what you want to advertise for. If you do not know your goal, it is unlikely to achieve the result you want. Which of the following is your goal in advertising? (Please write to us in the comments section.)


Sometimes your goal in advertising is to brand yourself or your organization. Achieving this goal takes longer than others. Branding is a time-consuming process. Do not expect to get results soon. To do this, you first need to identify your brand so that you can express it in all posts and ads.

Be careful not to praise yourself too much in your ads. The best and most effective way of branding on Instagram is to advertise the brand subtly so that your business will gradually open up in the minds of the users of this social network. Because usually people do not like advertising and take a stand against it.

Product sales

Selling is one of the main goals of advertising. Most of the pages we see are advertised to increase sales. The ad you have to do for sales purposes is naturally different from the ad you have to offer for branding, for example. If your goal is to sell, never advertise it directly. Instead of talking about how good your product is, talk about how it benefits the customer.

Increase site traffic or application installation times

One of the goals of those who advertise on Instagram pages is to increase traffic and site visitors or increase software downloads in stores. In this type of advertising, it is better to focus on the most attractive and important feature of your site or software that has good feedback from users.

Increase user activity on the page

Some people say I have an active page, I do not have a small number of followers, But their interaction and activity are low. One of the most important things for success in the Instagram algorithm and presence in Explorer is the high activity of users on the page. For this reason, many pages advertise on other pages to increase the interaction of their followers.

You need to put content on the page that benefits the followers and you know they are responding to it. Of course, the background is to know the audience and to know exactly what their concerns, needs, and interests are. One of the ways is to hold a contest, which we will talk about later.

Increase video views

One of the goals of users of advertising on Instagram is to increase the views of the videos they have produced. Most bloggers use Instagram to promote their work to increase the popularity and views of the video content they have produced.

Attract followers

Most people who have an Instagram page and aim to make money this way are looking for real and quality followers. Advertising on large Instagram pages is one of the best ways to attract real and active followers. One way to attract followers is to hold contests and challenges.