Is Email Marketing Effective In Your Business?

It does not matter! Find a bank of e-mails addresses, then send an e-mail to everyone every day, “Dear friend, come and buy this scary product for us”; This was email marketing!
Were you surprised? You should also be surprised because this is not email marketing.
Email marketing has its way of doing things. Buying an email bank, sending bulk unsolicited emails, and sending meaningless promotional emails do not count as email marketing at all.
Now, what is the right way? We wrote this article to show you the right way.
Email marketing means improving the relationship with the customer through email.
With all these emails we send, we try to get a new customer or contact and keep the existing customers.

The emails we send are usually divided into two categories:
o Marketing emails
o Transaction or transaction emails

The best example of a marketing email is a newsletter. Newsletters in which we introduce new site content such as articles, videos, etc., or emails in which we introduce a new product.
There are many types of transactional emails. Password reminder emails, purchase invoices, ticket support replies, etc. are all transaction emails. This group of emails is usually sent automatically.

Benefits of Email Marketing

High ROI: In simple terms, ROI means how much you earn for the money you spend. The return on investment of email marketing can be accurately calculated. More importantly, if email marketing is done properly, this return on investment will be very high. In recent years, Email Marketing has been recognized as the most effective online marketing tactic. The chart below, quoting Marketingschools, provides a comparison between email marketing return on investment and some of the most popular types of marketing in the world in 2016.

quoting Marketingschools, provides a comparison between email marketing return on investment and some of the most popular types of marketing in the world in 2016.

It is cheap and fast: Email marketing is cheaper and faster than other marketing methods. In the simplest case, you only have to pay for an email service, which depends on how much you spend.
Flexibility: Any type of content can be sent via email: text, photos, videos, files, and links.
Ability to monitor consumer behavior: With the development of email marketing services, they can easily provide information about the behavior of the recipient to the sender. As a result, organizations and companies that do high volume Email Marketing, by purchasing these services, can be informed about the behavior of consumers towards their email marketing and benefit from it.
Direct targeting: Email addresses can be collected from different channels and categorized into separate lists according to the customer persona. For example, if a woman buys cosmetics from your store, she is more likely to be interested in content or discounts in the same category of products. So this lady’s address is in the category of cosmetics customers and you send her emails according to her needs.

You can easily collect emails

Now if you want to register on any site or application, you will need an email! All you have to do is find a way to get customers to give you their email addresses. Or create a compelling newsletter that your audience will be willing to sign up to receive and read.

But using such benefits requires an internet site.

With Liopal Card, you can easily enter links to email delivery sites on your page and take advantage of it. Or just use the Mail Signup block for your contacts to enter their email and you can easily get Excel output from it. You can even enter the link in your blog. Now you have an email bank and you can use its benefits.