Why we need video marketing?

If you want to tell Google to show you in the top rankings, you must use video in content. Today, the impact of video on SEO is strongly felt.
When it comes to video or video content, because it engages emotions and is more important in marketing and business, especially on websites and for Google and among search engines (SERPs), there is more respect for video content.
Any website that has quality video content related to the relevant topic will put that website on its front page. Because you have more audience, do not neglect the impact of video on SEO.


The video content should be relevant and relevant to the topic and discussion of your text and audio content on your website, and this action will optimize SEO. The unrelated video has the opposite effect.

Specific time

The video content for any quality should be less than 4 minutes and its size should not be more than 15 MB because the audience gives a maximum of 4 minutes to the video to be attractive or not and should be your video Adjust accordingly.

Textual content

There are definitely people who pay a lot of attention to textual content and you should have better textual content along with the content of your video, which makes it more effective.
Subtitle: One of the newest tricks to make video content visible is the text of the conversation, which by subtitling and using different emojis, engages all the user’s senses and makes the video content easier and more understandable for the viewer. Makes.

Video content formats

Two formats are commonly used: MP4 and WebM. These two formats are also different. MP4: This type of template is supported by all browsers and looks better on other devices than any other template.


This template is lighter than MP4 and is only supported by Chrome and Firefox. These types of templates have been converted to include high-quality videos in small files with standard templates for different operating systems.


Compression saves the user both time and money, and you can use the Blazemp and HandBrake tools to compress the size of your files without compromising image quality. Can be loaded for the user in less time.

Display video content

To better display, the content of your video on your site, use HTML5 and make sure that the best place for the video is after the first or second paragraph.

One of the methods that can be used to display video is the use of Liopal video capabilities. You can easily upload your favorite or published videos on social networks like YouTube or TikTok to your personal page. In fact, you can focus multiple videos on one page.

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