What are the effective measures to improve SEO?

When you start a website for your business, new concerns are added to your business. How the site is structured, how to appear in the search results list on the first page, how to optimize the site, and so on. Many of these concerns are directly related to the issue of SEO promotion. That is any solution that leads to an increase in your score on Google.

Proper website structure (SEO)

One of the most important points that must be observed in the design of site pages is design standards. Your site should not be a problem in terms of infrastructure and HTML code. All these errors and problems are recognized by Google and are considered negative points. Of course, first of all, choosing the right URL for your website can greatly help improve your SEO.

The URL, or domain name, is the address that users type to enter your website. It is very important that this address is not complicated and is easily remembered by users. This way, the user will come directly to your website and use your services before searching on Google and possibly finding your competitors to meet their needs.

Each content or page that is created also has its unique URL. Here is the name of your main domain. For example, your website/article URL can be a page that contains all the textual content of the site. This address, if selected in English and with the right keywords, will have a great impact on SEO. If you can write the word that represents the article in English, you will have a greater impact on search engine identification.

Select the appropriate title and meta tag for the pages

As we said, each page of the site has a unique topic, title, and URL. This title introduces the contents of the page to the search engine. One of the most important things to improve your site rank is the page title. Google recognizes the title under the title meta tag. That is the same tab at the top of your browser that displays text when you hover your mouse over it. This post is the title of the page. This title is different from the text that appears on the page with the H1 tag as the title of the article. Be sure to use the keyword in this title.

Description or description tag is also very important for Google. This text is the same explanation that when you search for a keyword in Google, it shows you in the results list as a summary. For the content and pages of the site, you can enter this description in the description meta section so that search engines know what your content includes to present to the user. Try to use the keyword in this text as well.

Insert image tags

Most of the solutions that are said to improve SEO are in the field of text. But it is not the case that search engines only check the texts on your site. Images also play an important role in the negative or positive score for your site. For example, suppose you do not care about the size of the image uploaded to your site. How big the images are. This can be a big negative point for the loading and speed of the site. On the other hand, use the right images with the right methods, these images can be effective in increasing your ranking in Google.

Every image on the site has a tag called Alt. This tag, which is assigned to the image as a feature in content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal, is an alternative text that will be replaced if the images are not loaded for any reason. On the other hand, images that use keywords in their alternative text tags are seen by Google and may be seen in the images section of the results page.

SEO promotion with link building

The link in the pages of the site is very important. In general, the type of link should be present in your content. In the first place internal links and then external links. In the internal link, you can use the terms and concepts in your article and link to another part of the site or other content of your site. For example, if you work as a company registration services website and you are compiling content about the company registration process, if you also mention your site services in the text, refer the contact to the order registration page or get help from Link to relevant experts.

Regarding external links, which Google attaches great importance to, it is important to link to a reputable and well-known website, and this link should be in a direction that adds something to your audience. For example, if you wrote an SEO article and used the word advertising campaign in it, and the audience may not know anything about this concept, link to one of the reference sites such as Wikipedia.

Apart from the topic of internal and external linking, in general, Google has introduced two types of link features. These two options are in addition to the previous two options, ie follow and no-follow links. The two new features are sponsored links and user-generated content links or UGCs.

Follow links are links that search engines follow and enter the landing page. Initially, when we wanted to link from one page to another, we used the following code structure:

<a href=”http://www.example.com”> Example </a>

These types of links were followed links. But 15 years ago, Google introduced a concept called Nofalo. That is, links that the search engine does not follow. For example, links that are placed manually or by the robot in the comments section of websites are of the nouveau riche type. This is why you need to pay attention to the following links you provide to improve your SEO.

What is a sponsored and UGC link?

Sponsored links are used to identify links that are intended for advertising or sponsorship on other web pages. But user-generated content links are all links that refer to any type of content that users publish. This means that the content published in the posts of the forums or blogging services is discussed, not the content of the site administrators or authors. If you know the types of links and know which one gives you a higher score for SEO promotion, you will do SEO for your site with a better view.

Improve SEO with reporting

Advertising reporting is a new way of digital marketing. An article in which one of the services of a website is introduced and placed as an advertisement on another site. This type of content that usually stays permanently on the destination website is one of the most effective ways to promote your SEO.

Ad reporting increases the credibility of the site and creates the link-building process in a natural way. This issue has received a lot of attention from search engines and will make your site more visible. Backlinks are one of the valuable links that when given to your site by a reputable and popular site, will improve and improve your site SEO. Usually, a report is a short story about the process of building your brand or even tips on how your product is produced. This will make the audience empathize with your brand and make your story appealing to them. Especially when he is reading this story in a neutral medium. If you have any questions about ad reporting and SEO services, you can contact us from the Contact Us section of the Tribune site.