How to increase Instagram story traffic?

Why the stories of some Instagram pages do not get good views or after a while even if their visits are good.

Instagram algorithm compared to the story

Stories are no longer sorted by time. That is, if you leave a story at 8 pm, another page at 8:05 am, and I have followed both of your pages, it does not show me the stories in order.

That is, it does not show the page that left at 8:05 earlier than the page at 8 pm. The reason is quite clear. Instagram seeks to show you the quality content you like. How does he understand this now?

Based on the history you have had so far. I mean, naturally, you followed 500 pages, of the pages you followed, 5 to 10 are the ones you always see. You are always following. If you see their stories, if they put 5 stories in a row, for example, you will see them all. Next, You will not see the story on another page. You see everyone, you even actually wait for the image to load, and then you go and see the next image.

Other factors affecting the story algorithm

You even do interesting things. For example, you replay a story, send the story to someone else, take a screenshot, or if you are Mentioned, do the same. And these are the things that Instagram pays attention to. So you do not have to show the stories in chronological order.

Today, Instagram has become a good source of income for people, and with the right strategy and marketing methods, you can earn money not only on Instagram but also from other networks or social media.

Now two questions arise. First of all, what can I do to get more of my stories? Secondly, if my stories have gone well so far, I was satisfied with their visit, compared to the number of my followers, what should I do now so that this does not decrease?

Business profile

Friends, if your page is a business profile, it will give you some analysis of the story. Like MOZ, which analyzes your website and you can see some statistics, the same thing happens in the story. Of course, when you posted a story and a few hours later and some information came to Instagram, you can now check on this site.

I suggest that if you are a business profile and you did not pay attention to this, be sure to check this time and write down these things. What it tells you is an impression discussion, meaning that your story has been viewed many times. Now it may be seen by one person twice, so it gets two impressions.

The next item is the following section. That is after users saw your story, did they follow you or not? This happens very, very rarely because most people who see your story are your followers unless you hashtag or add a location to your story or things like that so that others can see your story and maybe actually follow your page.

There are four other important sections in the navigation section that can be called forward, back, next story, and exit, respectively, the definitions of which are quite clear: back and forward are clear. the story next, which completely rejects the stories and goes to the next story and exits.

They all have numbers in front of them that you need to check carefully. The exit case is one of the first issues that can damage your story. The next item could be the next story.

All of this indicates that your content was not good. Some people did not like it or they were not interested at all at that time, they wanted to keep going fast, or the number of your stories was high, and when this happens, again and again, Instagram shows your story to fewer users, which makes your stories Have fewer hits.

So with this analysis, you can understand what is wrong with your work. If the number of replicates has decreased, if your exits have increased compared to before, these are all things you need to improve.

Pay attention to the number of stories

The first point is that you should see how many stories you post per day or per week. What exactly is the content of the stories you are posting? These are the two most important things to look out for.

It is true that a story is not like a post, it is temporary and the user may see it once and it will end in a few hours, but you should be careful if I am going to leave dozens of stories, first of all, are all ten valuable for the user or not? Not just an ordinary story. Considering that my page is a business, but it does not attract many users. So let’s make it less. I make ten out of five, but I leave a practical and quality story that the user can at least pause and replay. In fact, engage it to be a story. So here are two important points that can help increase your store traffic.

Use story features

The next case is the use of features that have been added to the Instagram story in the past year. As you know, you can now add 3,4 features to your story that actually interact with the user.

For example, you can ask a quiz, you can ask a question, you can ask yes/no, and so on.

You have to put these with a good strategy, that is, if you are going to ask a question, it has to be a good question, if you are going to put a quiz, a four-choice test, you have to think about it. All of this will make Instagram take another look at your stories and see that the trend is getting better. That is, if the number of my stories was large and I minimized it, the audience interaction also increased. So little by little this increase in visits is happening.

Use hashtags in the story

The next thing is to use a hashtag. We checked this ourselves. Sometimes when you put a very relevant hashtag in your story and that hashtag is a really good hashtag, it helps a lot to visit and impression your story. Now it may bring you a number of followers, but overall I think it’s good to use it.

Creativity and story design

Try not to clutter the content of your story graphically. For example, put a lot of emojis, ask questions, put hashtags, do not confuse the user too much because it really annoys them. Try to convey a concept or a message with a beautiful design.

Stories are more important than posts

Maybe now it can really be said that Instagram stories are seen more than posts, and well, people see more stories than they see posts, Instagram sponsor ads have also come to the story and we should pay more attention to it.

However, if I have a 10k, 20k, 30k follower page and my story is viewed a thousand times, for example, well, let me increase this thousand, not want to reduce its value with a large number of stories without content. Also keep in mind that when your page is above 10k followers, you can put a link in your Instagram story, and this link will now lead to a referral to a page of the site, and this can help again, ie increase the Engagement section.