What are the characteristics of a good Landing Page?

A landing page is a part of your web page that is designed and implemented with the specific goal of increasing conversion rates. This page of your website should be in a way that makes it easier to achieve this goal.
There are many factors involved in the success of a landing page. Here in Liopal will try to point out some of the main factors for the success of a landing page.

An impressive title!

It all starts with the title. Creating interest, attracting attention, and understanding the subject are all directly related to the main title. The title is the first and most important part of a landing page. The title should grab the audience’s attention and explain to the audience exactly what the product is about. It is also best to keep your description short. Never use more than 20 words to write a title. At best, 10 words should be used.

A persuasive subheading

If the main title is to get the reader’s attention, the subtitle is to keep this person on the page. Subheadings are usually (though not always!) Just below the main title. Their job is to provide more explanation to the audience and encourage them to read the rest; In fact, the original title continues with a little more detail!

Use images

The human brain processes image 6,000 times faster than text. The presence of images on landing pages will be impressive.
The images you use should be large and relevant to your business. If you are selling a product on your site, your landing page should have an image of that product. If your job is to provide services that the image is just like the original title, it is responsible for attracting the attention of the audience. Do not forget that the quality of these images is also very important.

A supplementary explanation

If the user does not understand what the issue is, he will leave the site immediately. Additional explanations should be on the landing pages and their tone should be simple, straightforward, and understandable.
This explanation does not have to be a separate paragraph, but the subtitle, the image, or even the title itself can play a role, depending on the circumstances. Another important feature of this description is to show the interests of the user. For example, instead of saying, “We’re building a website,” say, “Build your website with our help and make money online.”
Another good thing you can do is list the benefits of working with your site. These benefits, like the supplementary explanation, should be short, simple, and understandable.

Logical flow

The logical flow of a landing page is just as important as its content. An interested customer will read the Landing Page in full. Because of these people, you have to guide them in a way that is logical and convincing.
Your landing page should start with a full description, including customer benefits, and end with a good Call to Action. Divide the landing page into sections and talk about each of your service features.
The location of the CTA button is very important. You can even use multiple CTAs and place each one in one of the sections of your landing page. Use persuasive components on your landing page.
Remember that long landing pages are very effective if the content is attractive. Do not be afraid to use long forms.

Raising a painful issue

People are fleeing from suffering and they do everything to avoid it. Every product or service in the world somehow tries to relieve pain. If you make your audience think of a problem, they will automatically think of a solution – that is your product or service.
Instead of telling the user what he or she will gain with your services, remind him or her what he or she will lose without you. For example, winning $ 500 is enjoyable, but the feeling of not losing $ 500 is even more enjoyable. The next step is to emphasize that your product/service will relieve that pain.

Talk about pleasures

We, humans, seek pleasure as much as we flee from pain. On your landing page, be sure to mention the pleasure of using your product or service. Any product or service can be presented in a way that shows both emotional and psychological pleasure to the audience.

Quotations of reassuring promises

For an unfamiliar user who has not yet trusted the website in question, what better way to see that other users have endorsed that website? The use of quotes from people has become one of the main tools to gain the trust of the audience today.
Use the words of real people. What better if these people are famous! But try to choose these quotes as close as possible to your target audience. Be sure to use pictures and even videos of those people.

Communication methods

Incorporating multiple phone numbers, email addresses, contact forms, and a single physical address will not only allow the audience to connect with you, but also give you credentials. The more and more complete this information is, the more people will trust you. At least in this way, you can show your authenticity to the audience, and if online chat is possible, this confidence will be even greater.

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