What is a Landing Page

What is your criterion for starting a conversation and getting to know others? Experience has shown that most of us have no possessions in the first place except the appearance of that person. Let me give you another example: You have already been told that you should talk to Dr. Roger, who is a neurologist, 45 years old, and riding in a Ford Mustang. What do you think this person looks like? What person do you expect to meet? Is it possible that his appearance makes you think that you have been lied to about his job and social status?

Most people who visit our website for the first time feel the same way. Does the first page they come across match their perceptions? Will they be attracted to our site or will they close the page and stop visiting us? What can we do to have a good initial impact on the audience? In such cases, we have heard the term landing page. But what is this landing page and what does it do?

As you might have guessed, a landing page is a simple, separate page on your website designed to attract a user or a simple conversion. The reason for this naming is that the user encounters this page for the first time or so-called lands on it.

Two very important features of each landing page:
1- It has a form.
2- It is designed only to collect information from the audience.

In other words, all landing pages are a kind of web page, but not every web page is a landing page.

Your homepage may have different calls and forms, including a registration link, a free trial button, shopping links, ads, and more. This page is not designed for a specific purpose, but it contains a variety of content.

What is the purpose of creating a landing page?

Websites and online businesses generally pursue three goals by creating landing pages:

1- Direct selling

2- Create an audience

3- Communicate

1- Direct selling

Most people think of landing pages as websites selling products or services. If you have ever bought anything on the Internet, you must have noticed these pages. In e-commerce, the landing page for direct sales is usually the page of a particular product. Cinema seat reservation pages or similar is also a type of landing page.

The main purpose of building these landing pages is sales. You can advertise your landing pages on other pages, share them on social networks and do whatever it takes to increase your landing page traffic.

2- Create an audience

These types of pages are also known as audience engagement pages. These special types of landing pages are designed to collect information from visitors. Their main purpose is to obtain personal information such as email address, name and surname, and other information that can be used for further communication with the audience.

Forms on contact creation pages are usually longer and take longer to complete than a direct sales page. These forms may include sections in which the audience can also incorporate their personal tastes, interests, and characteristics. The audience creation pages you design should be valuable enough for visitors to be able to significantly increase your site conversion rate.

This type of landing page can be used for the following:

– A free e-book

– Sign up for an online seminar

– Guide

– Subscribe to the newsletter

3- Communicate

These landing pages, also called Click-through, allow you to accompany visitors through various stages of work and are one of the most advanced marketing methods. These landing pages are a combination of two types of direct sales and communication. Their goal is to guide people and encourage them to move along the sales path. These types of landing pages keep people from constantly clicking on new links and keeping them on the site.

The way it works is that when a contact enters your first page and from there enters the next pages, it is automatically and purposefully directed to the sales path through the existing links. Using these pages works, especially since not everyone who clicks on your online ads or social media pages is necessarily ready to buy from you and needs to go a little further.

Click-through landing pages help you turn people into your marketing process and eventually become customers. These landing pages increase the conversion rate according to the customer’s interests. Communication pages try to acquaint the customer little by little with the product or service offered and finally finalize the sales work.


Landing pages are simple and purposeful pages designed to welcome the audience, invite them to do something, or introduce a particular product/service. Proper design and construction of these pages can have a huge impact on your site traffic, sales, and profits. Today, using these pages with the right CTAs is a must in many aspects of e-commerce.

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