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If a business wants to be successful and have a lot of customers, it has to go for branding. Otherwise, many audiences will not be familiar with the brand’s presence in the market, how it operates, its products and services, and no matter how good the business is, it will eventually run into serious problems.

What is traditional brand marketing?

Brand marketing is the introduction of your business in the best possible way in the market so that more audiences know about your brand. There are many businesses that perform very well and offer quality products and services, but many do not know them and have not been able to have good branding. In addition, brand marketing is one of the basic principles of starting a business, and after starting your activity, you should work on branding.

Brand is the identity of your business in the market and you should try not only to get more customers to know it, but also to be able to create an attractive and positive image of what you are in the minds of the audience. The marketing process includes communication, value creation, brand introduction, products and services, sales and after-sales service, so you need to follow these steps to market your brand; This is because sometimes poor after-sales service can also hurt your reputation. Not to mention that brand marketing helps you step by step to advance your brand building.

Traditionally, in the traditional space, various types of advertisements such as TV, radio, tract, and advertisements in widely circulated newspapers and magazines were used so that many customers would be familiar with your name, logo, products, and services and your brand name would always remain in their minds. In the meantime, the chosen slogan and competitive advantages are among the most important things that always remain in the minds of the audience.

What is brand marketing like online marketing?

Now the question that arises is whether brand marketing is done only in offline and traditional market space, or we can use it online. Naturally, the answer is yes. These days, due to the expansion of the presence of the audience in the online space, we see that watching TV has also decreased and newer media have replaced it. As a result, you should also pursue your branding in the online space and try to attract more audiences from this space. With the advent of social media, online video sharing and streaming services, the proliferation of sites, and the active presence of people on these platforms, their power and influence cannot be ignored.

So today more than ever we need brand marketing online. But since brand marketing in today’s world is tied to performance marketing, as a result, from the very beginning of the marketing funnel, its goals such as increasing marketing, increasing engagement and participation, increasing registration, increasing the number of installations and … We know that the better we do in the branding and brand awareness phase, the better the end of our funnel that leads to sales.

Content marketing plays a very important role in the path of inbound marketing, which forms an important part of our online marketing process. In fact, content marketing means introducing the brand, establishing meaningful and effective communication, value creation, gaining trust and finally achieving sales and marketing goals. That is why the initial stage or brand marketing is of special importance.

Of course, one of the advantages of brand marketing in online space, unlike offline space, is that all the identified items can be measured accurately and based on the reports and detailed analysis, better planning can be done for the future.

How is a brand marketing strategy determined?

In order to be successful in our programs, especially in the field of advertising, we must have a well-written strategy. This is also true for brand marketing, while different strategies can be used in different sectors. The Brand Marketing strategy includes the following steps, which we will examine:

Checking the current situation: First we have to check the position of our business, we are new, and we have to work on branding and marketing of a strong brand, we have a history of activity, and we want to stabilize the current position or damage, and we want to do it again restore our credibility. At this stage, we must determine the competitive advantages of ourselves and our competitors, the SWOT and PESTLE matrices.

Audience personality: Identifying the target audience is one of the most important steps in developing a brand marketing strategy; Because we need to know exactly who we are going to talk to and which target audience is right for our brand. The more accurately we can identify the person, the stronger our chances of branding and ultimately increase sales.

What message do we have for the audience: Identify the message that you are going to convey in order to communicate and create a positive and effective image of your brand and try to convey it to your audience in the best possible way. If possible, use your visual and organizational identity, and in other cases, do not forget to use slogans and words related to your business.

Don’t forget to plan: The last step is to have a strong and well-codified plan for marketing your brand and try to create the best image of your brand in the minds of the audience or upgrade your current position with the help of various tools.

How to create a brand marketing campaign?

Since you are going to work on your brand marketing, therefore, a campaign should be designed with this goal in mind at all times so that you can convey your message to the audience in the best possible way and using various tools. Therefore, be careful to use visual identity correctly, including logo, corporate color and, slogan or tagline, special messages, value creation, related words and phrases, accurate information, effective communication, landing page, advertising plans.


Every business needs to market its brand in the first place so that you can build a strong image of your name. In the past, brand marketing was mostly done in a traditional and offline environment and through mass media so that your message would reach many audiences. But these days, as the online space has become more pervasive and many audiences are present in this space, Brand Marketing has also undergone changes and is taking a new path. In order to have strong branding, you need to develop a good and accurate strategy.

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