Why is the Facebook Store important for e-commerce?

If you are ready to use COVID online shopping explosion, there are some things you need to know to get started. Continue reading the step-by-step guide to setting up a Facebook page store (not to be confused with Facebook stores, a newer release that has just been launched).

How to create a store on your Facebook page

To set up a Facebook page store, you must be your page manager and have page management permissions. Your Facebook page and catalog should be in the same business manager. Finally, you must agree to the Facebook Terms.

Here are the basic steps to setting up a Facebook page store – directly from the horse’s mouth

1. Go to Business Manager.
2. Click to start your store creation page.
3. In the Start Setting Your Shop section, select your website. Click start.
4. In the Choose Your Business section, you will see a list of Facebook pages where you are the page manager. Choose the jobs you want to add to your store. Click Next.
5. In the Account Details section, provide an account name and select an account. Click Next.
6. In the Places where people can view your store, select the place where you want to create your store. If you have a business profile on Instagram and Facebook page, you can choose both.
7. In the Catalog section, select an existing list or create a new catalog and click Next.
8. Search for your store details, review and agree on vendor performance and accountability policies, and click create your store.

Once you have created your Facebook store, you need to create a collection (for example, if you sell comic book action characters, one of your collections might be Marvel characters). Facebook lets you create collections of 6 to 30 products.
Next, you need to select “Featured Collection” and customize the look and feel of your store.
Once you’ve set up your shop, it’s time to publish it. This will make it available to the public. Facebook must first review and approve your collections, which usually do not take more than a day or two.

Facebook page store or Facebook stores

If you are new to Facebook e-commerce, you may be confused about the difference between a Facebook page store and a Facebook store. Who can blame you for such similar (and not particularly creative) names?
* A Facebook page store lets you display products on your Facebook business page. When a customer clicks on a product, they are given the option to visit your site.
* Facebook Stores is a newer feature that lets you create a “Store Showcase”. This is a better and more integrated experience for customers and the option to check without leaving Facebook.
Facebook Stories is a newer feature that Facebook has just launched. Sellers who previously owned an Instagram profile store and/or a Facebook page store will automatically switch to Facebook stores.
For the rest of us, it’s a “do not call us, we’ll call you” feature. In other words, you have to wait for Facebook to send you all kinds of invitations. As Facebook has said, “Before setting up your store, you should receive an email or notification that you can now download from stores Use Facebook. “
Another important thing to know is that you can only sell physical products in Facebook stores. Does not currently support service sales or downloads.

Source: LIOPAL.com

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