Improve your Instagram business account with the appropriate hashtags

Why are hashtags so important on Instagram? The fact is that they are the secret to success. Instagram has a very limited search capability as a platform and is one of the best ways to find and be seen more depending on the type of content you publish that uses hashtags. Hashtags allow you to be seen in different searches for your target audience and help people find your content.

If you use hashtags to find a particular image or post in a search, there are three ways you can use hashtags in your Instagram content:
Instagram posts
Instagram stories
And of course, add a biography to it

But some hashtags you can use have limitations:

In an Instagram feed post, you can use up to 30 hashtags in captions or comments so they can show you to others for searches. If you use more than 30 hashtags, your caption will not be published.
For Instagram stories, you can use up to 10 hashtags. You can use a hashtag tag or place 10 tags when publishing a story.
For IGTV, you can use up to 30 hashtags in your video description.

To choose the right amount of hashtag, you can follow the following principle:
Use more hashtags for untitled posts (+11)
Use fewer hashtags for posts with text descriptions (below 7)

The benefits of using a hashtag are undeniable

Here’s what hashtags can bring to your business:

Improve your brand online presence
Discover by random Instagram users
Increase the number of followers
Get tips on branding
Boost your ads
Create more interaction
Localize your posts

Where should you put your Instagram hashtags?

Does the caption or comment matter? In fact, not some studies say putting them in captions is a bit helpful. Some people prefer to keep them in mind to hide to make their cap look more beautiful, which is not a bad thing, but the priority is with the cap.
Both tactics work. It is really better to use related but trendy hashtags than to put personal hashtags.

Do a research

Instead of using the first hashtag that comes to mind, let’s make this process a little more professional. The more you think about choosing the right hashtags, the better the results will be.
Hashtags can also help you when searching. Using hashtags that characterize your career, you can find competitors’ posts and check their hashtags.

Be creative

To collect user-generated content, it is best to create a unique hashtag that categorizes posts.
Unique hashtags are a great opportunity for your brand. If you succeed in creating a hashtag that is characteristic of your business, this will be your way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Use Geo-Targeting hashtags

If your brand is location-based, you can not easily miss out on long-term geographic targeting.
Geotags help you reach local, state, regional and national audiences. You should only use hashtags that specify your neighborhood, city, or state.


Hashtags are really the key to success on Instagram. To reach more people, increase your audience and interact more with your content – across all Instagram components – you need to use hashtags. They allow you to be found by the right people and deliver your content to the people who need (or want) the most.

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