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If you run your business like a professional businessman, why shouldn’t your brand look professional on social media?
Today, we will discuss the importance of image sharing and a successful social media app. It is quite natural that posts on social networks that have images or videos attract more attention and clicks than posts without images. To maximize your social media efforts, it is essential to find or create great images for every post you share.

When you plan your network, it forces you to think about brands and marketing first, which is also very important when it comes to social media marketing.
Instead of selecting cluttered images to indicate “being socially active”, try to select images that your audience would like to share with others, and in this way, they will do free ads for you.
To begin with, here are some principles for creating a great design:

Have a goal

Every social network account should have a general goal and every post should have an individual goal. Think of the goal of the account as a general issue that your followers expect you to pursue.
Define this with your target audience. Each individual post should contribute to the overall theme of your network and create measurable metrics for your brand: engagement, clicks and purchases.

Be creative

Whether you are an experienced designer or not, everyone can be creative when creating graphics on social media. Incorporating storytelling techniques is a great way to do this.

High quality images

No one wants to see pixel images, so make sure your photos are clear, have your own watermark and quality. It’s so important.

Photo compatibility

This is very simple, you want to keep your photos steady. Decide whether your network is minimal, colorful, or any other beauty that is connected to your brand. Once selected, stick to it, unless it is carefully planned (it also depends on your business standards).

Compatibility of the filter with image editing

Not only the photo settings are important, be sure to use the same filter in each post. This will make your posts more recognizable.

Adjust the color scheme / palette

For success, be careful about the color scheme you use for all your posts. Think about the color spectrum of your brand and think about how you can look the same on your social media pages and website.

Keep things simple

As with most visual arts (unless organized chaos is part of your plan), you certainly do not want your users to be distracted by other details in your image. Product, pay attention to the background of the photo, so when choosing and sending product photos to simple backgrounds.

Set your network content pattern

When sending weekly, you want to send different types of content and images that you like. Consider this to make your network look good, create a good “flow” between posts, and keep everything consistent. Let your users wait for your next post, not be bothered by your new posts.

Create layouts specifically for the three major social networks

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the largest networks for social media, but they work very differently. A good rule of thumb to follow when creating layouts for these social networks is to spice them up! Following your page by users is exactly like making food, but what is the pleasure and flavor of it? Social media is for fun, so don’t be afraid to take risks by planning and adding spices.

The three big social networks all provide different space, use this to your advantage! An Instagram post should be completely different from a Twitter post. People like these programs for different reasons and their layout should be related to the same network.

A template mentality can help improve your social media marketing, especially since interested followers may follow you through multiple channels. It is important to keep your messages organized in a digital environment.
We hope these tips give you something to think about and add to your workflow.

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