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2020 was a terrible year for small businesses. Millions of people have been forced to cut staff and reduce their activities. While some businesses were eligible for loans or debt settlement under CARES, others (especially small businesses) were unfortunately unlucky.
It has certainly been a difficult year for everyone. But there are always reasons to hope to continue living. With the new year 2021, now is the time to strengthen your 2021 marketing strategy. Even with a limited budget, you still have plenty of options to do. Here are some tips for marketing in Liopal in 2021. We hope you find it useful.

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2020 was a terrible year for small businesses.

1- Marketing automation strategy

You’ve probably noticed the explosion of marketing and advertising emails and text messages from various brands since the beginning of the Corona virus epidemic. No wonder in-store purchases were so prevalent in the early days and have recently been revisited.

2- Offer curbside pickup

If you are one of the many businesses that use our WEB DESIGN service, you need to know that a website plays a key role in increasing your online sales. Customers can make their purchases online. A personal website does not disappear even after the epidemic has passed. Not only are consumers accustomed to it during COVID-19, but they love it. In the long run, it is probably worth the time and resources to make the website a serious choice for your customers.

3- Start hosting web events

Even before COVID turned our lives upside down, online events were on the rise. Hosting a web event has never been easier, whether your favorite platform is Zoom, Instagram Live or FaceTime.
Consumers want to learn from professionals and connect with like-minded people. Like the ClubHouse platform, which has recently made this possible for different people. Hosting a web event allows you to showcase your expertise and connect with existing customers and prospects.

4- Sales through video content

Trends show that the average person will spend 100 minutes a day ( watching video content in 2021. Just mentioning the word “video” in the subject of your email will increase the rate of opening that email. And placing videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%.
If a consumer has watched a video about your product, especially if the product has impressive features, they are more likely to buy it.

5-Start the podcast

Podcasts are relatively new, but they get a lot of attention. Consumers love it because they can do a few other things while listening – podcasts are great content for when you’re at work, doing your job or traveling. They love podcast jobs because they are a great tool for marketing and sharing expert advice. And unlike video and text content, podcasts have no time limit – you can create them on a variety of topics.
A successful podcast covers relevant topics for your audience and provides helpful tips and information.

6- Increase your presence in the social field

Social media marketing will be more important and valuable in 2021 than ever before.
Forty-six percent of respondents to a survey said they would spend more time using social media in 2020, and the growth trend shows that more than one million new social media users worldwide are members every day. be.
The beauty of social networking is that it does not require a huge budget, however, it is a great way to communicate directly with consumers. But mastering social media requires skill and ingenuity. If you are just starting out, it takes time to learn them.
There are many resources to learn it. Alternatively, hire a social media marketing expert to get you out of the confusion. Like our professional team at Liopal.

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Jobs had to make tough choices in 2020 and get creative with their marketing strategy. The Coronavirus epidemic has changed the way consumers shop and interact with brands, and some of these changes – such as new websites and the explosion of video conferencing – are meant to keep things going.

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